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Comprehensive, Professional Appraisal Services

Our mission is to provide our clients with on-time, high quality appraisal reports which provide our clients real world values that form the basis to make the “right” financial decision on every property appraised.

Fast, Courteous & Professional
Serving 15 Metro Atlanta Counties Since 1988. (See our Service Area). 30+ years real estate experience holding a Senior Designation from the American Society of Appraisers.

At Atlanta Home Appraisals, Inc., we understand both the intricacies of the appraisal process and the rapidly changing real estate market throughout the Metro Atlanta area.

Stage of Construction
We're experts in appraising residential properties at all stages of their lifecycle, whether they're newly constructed, mid-life, end-life, recent renovations, or have unique styles for their marketing area.

Lender Needs
Whether your appraisal is for a new mortgage, in order to remove private mortgage insurance (PMI) or in order to analyze a potential investment, we're deeply knowledgeable about what specific lenders require and how to give them the right information in order to expedite your transaction.

We are an insured appraisal company.